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Getting a few things done

Been working on a few things guild wise and website wise.


The guild is up to a total of 6 bank tabs right now and 16 characters with a total of 6 actual members including myself so things are going along ok so far.  My wife and I have put in a lot of game time and we are about half way through guild level two so all leveling toons now get a five percent increase in XP!  Plus guild repair is active!


Have a couple fun addons I have been using as well.  One is SpeakinSpell which is a total blast, having a mage get an instant cast Pyroblast due to hot streaks and yell out "Damn is it hot in here or is it just me??" or "Is there such a thing as male menopause cause I am HOT!!!!" can really crack people up.  And it says a lot of other things randomly as well it just depends on what you are doing at the time.  Plus if someone in the guild gets an achievement it will instantly congratulate them so it's pretty helpful too.

Another addon is TriviaBot.  I have it set to chat channel legiontrivia so the only time you will see it is if you actually want to.  Anyway it will ask random questions and everyone has an opportunity to try and answer right, so it makes playing along kinda fun and you can learn a lot of things as well.


Site wise I have made some changes to the look and started to get some graphics going.  I also have some links to the Immortal Legion World of Warcraft page setup on the left hand side of the page so check them out.


I guess thats about it for now, I have had a long day and getting tired. . . probably just gonna watch a movie tonight but will be back at everything again tomorrow.



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