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Add-ons can be an extremely particular subject in WoW.  Some people prefer one over another and some don't want any at all.  I personally pretty well change almost all of the visible user interface so that I can try and open up as much as I can yet still have things where I need them.


Add-ons required for guild runs:

  • Deadly Boss Mods or equivilent.
  • Omen or another threat meter. Or you can use TidyPlates with ThreatPlates
  • Messageboard, in game forum system.


Recommended Add-ons:


  • Carbonite -- A quest helper and gathering profession helper.
  • Pawn-- Helps you pick the gear for your character.
  • Auctioneer Suite -- Helps pick the best prices in the Auction House and sell for top dollar automatically.
  • Spellflash -- Puts a flasher over the button of recommend spells to cast next.
  • Addon Control Panel -- Allows you to enable or disable add-ons without logging out and back in.
  • Skillet -- Changes your trade skill windows so that you can add multiple items to a que rather than to have to click and find each item every time.
  • Omni CC -- Puts a countdown timer on spell cool downs instead of a faded to unfaded type timer.
  • Cooking Helper -- Mouse over raw meats and see if you can cook or not.


Other add-ons that can be fun or helpful:

  • Pitbull Unit Frames
  • Bartender
  • SpeakinSpell
  • Postal
  • TitanPanel
  • BadBoy Spam reporter

You can re create most of my UI using the curse client and saving the file in the above link. Right click and save as with an extension of ccip.

Here is a look at my UI so you can see how some things are setup.



Updated my screenshot on my warlock while in action. This was taken on 1-18-13 while in Mogu'shan Palace Some of the old Ui has changed but the basis is still there.




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