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Lots of work since the MoP release

So, Mists of Pandaria has been a lot of fun and has REALLY progressed the guild. . . to the tune of level 17!!


Yeah been working a lot and have gotten my four 85's up to 90 and have moved a warlock to level 73 now so a lot of stuff happening. NightVyxen my wife, has worked her Deathknight to level 90 and has almost hit 90 on her hunter so she has done quite a bit as well. Hopefully some more people will be added to the guild and we can begin some dungeons and maybe even get started in some raids.


Not exaclty WoW related

So even if it's not exactly WoW related I have to post a little something interesting.  After ten years I was finally able to get my tattoo relined and finished and I am loving the results!!

Really close to guild level 5

So, it's getting closer and taking a bit longer than I would like but the guild is knocking on the door of level 5. Currently at about 90% so just another 10% to be at level 5 which should be able to be cranked out in a week or so if I get on and grind out some dailies.

Been working a Healadin (IhrMeister) in a guild that I raid with quite often. . . in fact almost exclusively but up to 85 and just completed DS 10 man.


Guild level four!

Ok, have been a bit busy with Raids and Real Life so haven't posted. The guild is level four now and actually about 3/4 of the way to level five.

Almost to the profit sharing mark and cheaper repairs for everyone!

Guild Level Three!

The guild has finally made it to Level three!!


It took a couple months but we have grown some and my wife and I have put in a lot of time as well.  I have two characters with over 10 Million Guild XP and my wife has one with over 10 Million Guild XP as well.  There has been some other help by all the guild members and it is expected that only a few would be able to take the top spots but as we grow and expand we will be able to gain levels even faster.


Getting a few things done

Been working on a few things guild wise and website wise.


The guild is up to a total of 6 bank tabs right now and 16 characters with a total of 6 actual members including myself so things are going along ok so far.  My wife and I have put in a lot of game time and we are about half way through guild level two so all leveling toons now get a five percent increase in XP!  Plus guild repair is active!


Welcome to the Immortal Legion

Welcome to the Immortal Legion.


We are just getting started right now but much more content will be added soon.

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